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    Pursuing this line of thought for a moment, however, it also seems clear that along with an increase in the diversional character of the story, the importance of the story-teller is at the same time en- hanced, and a new personage, the story-maker, becomes prominent. Her heart is like fire." So they shot at her heel, and she fell, and was dead.

    The only factor left then is the desire to please, or possibly the purpose of pointing a moral, as in fables ; and scepticism thus appears as the mother of fiction in such cases, though I am very far from taking the ground that it is the mother of all fiction. "We have killed Aniduidui, we have burned up her house also." Then they said to their father, "Let us go and bury her." — "Very well !

    2 Journal of American Folk-Lore appealing to one set of emotions or ideals in appealing to a different set or to the same set differently developed?

    Edwin Sidney Hartland, Primitive Paternity, Charles Peabody, 295. A new school of literature, music, or dramatic representation founded upon primitive motives, such as is sometimes proposed, must first answer this question: Is it possible to use stories constructed for the purpose of ' Address of the retiring president, delivered at the Annual Meeting of the American Folk-Lore Society in Boston, December 30, 1909.

    A second factor is linguistic or racial difference, especially where recent movements of population have taken place.

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    In passing I will merely suggest that between tribe and tribe greater difference will prob- ably be found in what I have in a previous paper designated "the mythic f ormulc-e " — i.e. Kate Woodbridge Michaelis 425 Three Old Ballads from Missouri. Related to these are the atrophied expressions encountered in certain myths the original meaning of which has almost been forgotten. The deer were playing, and their antlers made a noise. Among such conventional expressions may be cited the "once upon a time" with which our own fairy stories are wont to begin, and the "they lived hap- pily ever afterward" of the close; or "there was a five-row town" of the Haida, and "there was a long town" of the Tlingit — with which myths from those people open. 1 6 Journal of American Folk-Lore and saw deer in his dream. He looked over the ridge, and heard far away the noise of antlers striking together. Dixon 8 Twenty-First Annual Meeting of the American Folk-Lore Society 38 Periodical Literature. In comparatively recent times, on the heels of philological and mythological studies of the early Aryans, a school of mythologists has arisen which tends to reduce every ancient narrative to a solar, or at least a celestial, myth, and has made bold to explain supposedly well-established historical events in that manner. The two children got there, and saw Aniduidui with bones tied up in her hair. Now, this very condition of affairs is encountered in the field of his- tory when we carry our investigations back to earliest times, and great divergence exists among historians regarding the historical or mythic character of this or that personage or event.

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