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    Note after all these years, that file/setting isn't even one you can set during an fully silent automated install, nor later via any group policy..literally have to open an editor or copy con the blank file by hand if you forget to check the one checkbox which is the only opportunity during a fully interactive setup in which case the nullsoft installer is nice enough to create the blank XML for you.I've quickly read through this - barely have time to fix this, let alone read through all this.The issue with the app Data plugins I'll look into separately - I think there's some agreement needed on what happen when a plugin is in both places, and I suspect plugin manager is doing something different than Notepad .There's sadly a third issue with for non-admin installs, in that it assumes it needs admin to copy files, which of course isn't the case for app Data installs, but is also not the case in a number of other situations (the portable install, for instance).Then, totally separate but still impacted is the issue of both plugin manager and CS-script verifying in both code-bases that they are not only aware, but do in fact run in and support the currently fully-supported scenario of a machine implementing the "allow App Data Plugins.xml" file switch and running NPP in a non-admin, standard shared user configuration where all plugin binaries and data instead reside in and must properly perform all their operations from the users' "App Data\Roaming\Notepad " location as detailed in the NPP docs here: This, is the cause of the 3rd major issue - not only operating in the "other" fully supported location everyone has forgotten about (or never known was supported), but also all the little other nuances like once pluginmgr is installed there, it then looks in the old location, sees an "old" outdated ABANDONED copy of the binaries from before NPP executed that first time with the XML flag and began using the APPDATA, which now causes an outdated upgrade prompt at every launch, every other plugin install (despite them apparently actually installing properly to appdata) - I'd say it's 85% okay running in APPDATA but the 15% is causing a lot of annoying little issues.So that's #3 and whether it could also be impacting the first two for those of us running in that config, still remains to be seen and confirmed but I suspect once #1 and #2 are addressed, most of #3's annoyances will still remain.Installing plugins to App Data is something some organisations actively LOL if you wrote it then I guess you're right I probably don't need to take all the time to try to help and you already know it's broken and how to fix it - I just did not get that out of the prior comments above.Sorry but after being in IT/DEV approaching my 30yr mark myself, I guess I like it when folks give me more info rather than less and from reading above the info until mine didn't offer much nor did your comments indicate you really understood the issues plaguing what you've written.

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    I'll bump this issue as well because this is a major issue that has been destroying my NPP install particularly the above mentioned CS-Script but also other critical subfolders.

    Really hard to keep using an editor that literally requires 2 hrs of reinstalling and reconfiguring plugins from scratch and tracing just what files got smashed - all from a broken plugin manager that for some reason worked great until a couple versions ago.

    Perhaps you need to roll back the codebase because something is REALLY screwed up when I get THIS popup now (on multiple WIN7x64 PCs running NPP7.3.3x86) every time I try to use NPP and install/uninstall/update ANY plugins despite the plugmgr being up to date (think APPDATA plugin folder vs progfiles is somehow now totally broken so installs to one place and never sees the updated dll because it then looks at the version in the other): KVs G9Actually, herein lies the problem with this development because NPP is what actually has not only created the secondary - user specific version of it's plugins, but also has fully supported this for a very long time.

    I cannot tell what was the last version of the Plugin Manager that behaved correctly as this problem affects only some of my plugin functionality (a specific runtime mode).

    Thus I detected it not at the time it has appeared.

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